Ina Otzko (1972) is born in Sand­ness­jøen, Nort­hern Nor­way. She com­ple­ted three Mas­ters, two in Golds­miths Col­lege Uni­ver­sity of Lon­don, UK (MA Image and Com­mu­ni­ca­tion 2004, MFA Fine Art 2007) and one in UdK / Uni­ver­si­tät der Kunste in Ber­lin, Ger­many (MA Sound Stu­dies 2012). She initia­ted and directs the art pro­ject ABH/ Art­Base Hel­ge­land 66°N (Nor­way) and its AiR Hel­ge­land — Ber­lin Artist Exch­ange Pro­gram, is on the artistic advi­sory board for LIAF (Lofo­ten Inter­na­tio­nal Art Fes­ti­val), is an Art Con­sul­tant for KORO (the Nor­we­gian Public Art com­mis­sio­ning body), is Chair for NNBK/ North-Norwegian Visual Artist Asso­cia­tion and Chair for Alsta­haug Art Society. Her works has been pre­sen­ted in nume­rous spaces, muse­ums and gal­le­ries inter­na­tio­nally. She lives and works in Nor­way, Ger­many and Italy.

Lon­ging and Belon­ging – Ina Otzko’s visi­ted interiors

Ina Otzko reve­als her noma­dic ten­den­cies in this exhi­bi­tion of pho­to­graphs and video. The inte­ri­ors that Otzko pho­to­graphs are the pri­vate homes of people she has met whilst tra­vel­ling. Yet the lar­ger story is denied the viewer — there are no clues as to the rela­ti­onships or the nar­ra­ti­ves sur­roun­ding each care­fully com­po­sed domestic inte­rior. These set­tings exude a mas­cu­line geo­me­try; care­fully com­po­sed lines and pla­nes show a hapha­zard urban collec­tion of win­dows, sto­rage shel­ves, doors, cup­boards, various sofas, mir­rors, clocks and cushions. Such tim­e­l­ess icons as win­dow, clock and mir­ror are laden with heavy sym­bo­lic over­to­nes; this ico­no­gra­phy stret­ches back into a myriad of art his­to­ri­cal refe­ren­ces from Titian, the Japa­nese Ukiyo-e school and Ver­meer, to Matisse, Munch and beyond. Far from being com­forted by tra­di­tio­nal con­tent, there is some­thing unner­ving, almost pro­vo­ca­tive, about Otzko’s art. These pri­vate spaces have been made into a voy­eu­ristic stage by the artist. We view an immen­sely pri­vate time when a semi naked woman makes her­self at home in a friend’s resi­dence. Com­ple­tely still, the cur­ves of her body con­trast or echo the enclo­sing lines of each interior

To explore how new spaces tran­spi­res or is crea­ted bet­ween mee­ting and con­fron­ta­tion with inner and outer, lon­ging and belon­ging, inti­macy and vul­nera­bi­lity”. (Ina Otzko)

Ina Otzko’s semi naked self-portraiture impo­ses its­elf upon these inte­ri­ors. As both pho­to­gra­pher and model, she is always simul­ta­neously the sub­ject and object of her work. A sub­tle sense of absence seems to with­draw her from the visual probe of the camera. Her gaze is often direc­ted toward an inde­ter­mi­nate dis­tance outs­ide the pic­to­rial field. Visual plea­sure is not pre­sent; this semi naked woman is held behind a con­stantly shif­ting bar­rier so that the spec­ta­tor is made to feel like an intru­der. Howe­ver fami­liar these inte­ri­ors appear, the artist’s body is given a spe­ci­fic func­tion and both takes and crea­tes room. The notion of the inti­mate and pri­vate space of the indoors is played out by her pre­sence. Otzko’s posed body gives the viewer a key into a free move­ment inside each pri­vate room. The viewer’s own expe­ri­en­ces and history may then infuse these works with new infor­ma­tion whe­reby com­mu­ni­ca­tion can hap­pen bet­ween the work and the viewer. We com­pare, the­re­fore we are. As an artist and per­son Otzko can­not remain still, her noma­dic life­style has led to a series of pro­jects in various geo­gra­phic sites. But each site invol­ves a pri­mary per­so­nal invol­ve­ment, whe­reby the wan­de­rer must create her own secu­rity, her own safety, by attempt­ing to orga­nize any strands of chaos. These pho­to­gra­phed inte­ri­ors can be seen as moments of order, moments of self con­so­li­da­tion, which are the­reaf­ter clas­si­fied purely by a house num­ber and a date. In 1971 Mar­tin Hei­deg­ger famously sta­ted that “all dis­tan­ces in time and space are shrin­king”. Indeed the con­tem­porary pace of life and its infor­ma­tion flow seems to con­fine us into smal­ler seg­ments of time. There is hardly any time to brea­the deeply, let alone meditate.

Cur­ri­cu­lum Vitae
1972 born in Sand­ness­jøen, Nort­hern Norway
2000–2001 Infor­ma­tics, HiN, Nesna Uni­ver­sity Col­lege, Norway
2002–2003 Art History, HiS, Uni­ver­sity of Sta­van­ger, Norway
2003–2004 MA Image & Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, Golds­miths Col­lege Uni­ver­sity of Lon­don, UK
2005–2007 MFA Fine Art Prac­tice, Golds­miths Col­lege Uni­ver­sity of Lon­don, UK
2010–2012 MA Sound Stu­dies (Prof. Sam Auin­ger, Sabine Sanio, Mar­tin Sup­per), Uni­ver­si­tät der Künste, Ber­lin, Ger­many; mas­ter degree
2012 Cer­ti­fied Yoga Teacher Trai­ning, Ashiyana, Goa, India
2012–2013 Basic medi­cal foun­da­tion, HiNT North Trøn­delag Uni­ver­sity Col­lege, Stein­k­jer / Tuns­berg Medi­s­inske Skole, Tøns­berg, Norway
Ina Otzko lives and works in Sand­ness­jøen, Lon­don, Ber­lin and Positano
2004– Mem­ber of the Asso­cia­tion of Nor­we­gian Visual Artists / Nord-Norske Bil­dende Kunst­nere NBKNNBK
2008–2010 Board­mem­ber of the NNBK
2012–2013 Vor­stands­mit­glied „Lofo­ten Inter­na­tio­nal Art Fes­ti­val“ (LIAF)
2014– Chair / Sty­re­le­der of the Alsta­haug Kunst­fo­re­ning / Alsta­haug Art Society, Sand­ness­jøen, Norway
2015–2017 Chair / Sty­re­le­der of the NNBK
Work­shops / Rese­arch / Residences
2015 Pushkinskaya-10, St. Peters­burg, Rus­sia / High-North AiR Net­work (Residency)
Ark­han­gelsk Inter­na­tio­nal Cul­tu­ral Cen­ter, Russ­land / High-North AiR Net­work (Residency)
2014 The Col­lege of Sound Hea­ling, UK (Research)
2013– Mas­ter­class Female Direc­tors, NNFS, Tromsø, Norway
Obre­stad Fyr, Hå Gamle Pre­ste­gård, Rog­a­land, Nor­way (Research)
2012 Goa, India (Research)
Ny-Ålesund, Lon­gye­ar­byen, Sval­bard, Nor­way (Residency)
2011 Ny-Ålesund, Lon­gye­ar­byen, Sval­bard, Nor­way (Residency)
2009 Sabine von der Tann, Action Thea­ter impro­vi­sa­ti­ons, Pots­dam, Ger­many 
(1–1 Workshop)
Minako Seki, Butoh-Workshop, Ber­lin, Germany
2000 Joyce Ten­ne­son, Pho­to­gra­phy Work­shop, Vågå, Norway
Exhi­bi­ti­ons — Selec­tion (S = Solo show, G = Group exhibition)
2015 “Sono qui, puoi sen­tirlo?” (S), Museo di Etno­prei­s­to­ria, Cas­tel dell’Ovo, Napoli, Italy
„Ein Jahr am neuen Stand­ort 12.6.2014 – 12.6.2015“ (G), Ingo Seu­fert – Gal­lery for Con­tem­porary Pho­to­gra­phy, Munich
2014 „Da Adolfo“ (S), release of the b/w pho­to­gra­phy book, Posi­tano, Italy
„12 Falsa Ark“ (G, 54 artists) Nord­norsk Kunst­ner­sen­ter, Svol­vær, Nor­way; Tour (24 artists) in Nor­way: Kul­tur­fa­brik­ken, Sortland/Summer Melbu; Midt-Troms Museum, Bar­dufoss; Kir­ke­nes skole; Meløy kom­mune; Pet­ter Dass Museum, Alstahaug
“Reflex” (G), Hel­ge­land Museum, Mos­jøen, Norway
„Lon­ging & Belon­ging“ (S), Ingo Seu­fert – Gal­lery for Con­tem­porary Pho­to­gra­phy, Munich, Germany
2013 „Intro 15“ (G), Ingo Seu­fert – Gal­lery for Con­tem­porary Pho­to­gra­phy, Munich, Germany
“Art For Art’s Sake” (G), Hamar, Norway
“Pop Hits” (G), ArtSpace Rhein-Main, Offen­bach, Germany
NON TI MUOVERE“ (E), tex­t­in­stal­la­tion, kom­mu­nale kino, Alsta­haug, Norway
“Reflex” (G), Luleå Konst­hall, Sweden
“interiører-interiors 72/12”, col­la­bo­ra­tion with Hanne Bram­ness, Hamar Kunst­fo­re­ning, Hamar, Fes­ti­val Exhi­bi­tion at the Nor­disk sam­tid­spoe­si­fes­ti­val, Rolf Jacobsen-dagene, Hamar, Norway
“Reflex” (G), Sámi Art Cen­ter, Karas­jok, Norway
2012 “Reflex” (G), Nort­hern Nor­way Art Centre, Svol­vær, Norwegen
“Fal­ling for Reli­gion” (S), Black­box theatre of the Nort­hern Nor­way Art Cen­ter, Svol­vær, Norway
Mem­ber Exhi­bi­tion of the NNKS (G), Kiruna, Sweden
“Be my guest” (G), NNKS, Festspil­lene i Har­stad, Norway
The 8th Ber­lin Inter­na­tio­nal Direc­tors Lounge, Scree­ning “P&P Bell Set No#1”, Berlin
2011 Con­tem­porary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.) (G), “P&P Bell Set No#1”, Direc­tors Lounge Ber­lin, UNESCO World Heri­tage Site Zoll­ver­ein, Essen, Germany
“As times go by” (G) Nort­hern Nor­way Art Cen­ter, Svol­vær, Norway
“Wel­come” (G), Art­Base Hel­ge­land, Sand­ness­jøen, Norway
NEW SCREEN NEW-CASTLE” (G), NABROAD, Scree­ning “21/11”, New­castle, UK
“Pop Hits” (G), Based in Ber­lin, Mon­bi­joupark, Berlin
“Let­ters from the future” (G): N E W S, Gal­leri 2, Stamsund Inter­na­tio­nal Theatre Fes­ti­val, Stamsund, Norway
“Pop Hits” (G), Tanz­schu­le­pro­jects, Munich, Germany
FALLING FOR RELIGION” (S), Gal­leri Backer, Høgs­ko­len i Vest­fold, Norway
“N E W S” (S), NNKS, Barents Spek­ta­kel, Kir­ke­nes, Norway
2010 “Fir­mus Female” (S), Pet­ter Dass Museum, Sand­ness­jøen, Norway
“Rough and Tum­ble” (S-Performance), Alsta­haug Art Society, Sand­ness­jøen, Norway
“Ver­wer­tung — Inter­di­zi­pli­nä­res Kunst­fes­ti­val” (G), Scree­ning “Tim­e­l­ess Breath Exch­ange I+II”, Statt­bad Wed­ding, Ber­lin, Germany
One minute – Inter­na­tio­nal film & video fes­ti­val (G), “Fathers Gar­den”, Kino Freier Film, Aarau, Switzerland
CRACK*” (G), “No. 1 – Fehr­bel­li­ner Platz” (Sound Sta­tion), Kom­mu­nale Gale­rie, Ber­lin, Germany
NNKS 30 Years Jubi­lee Exhi­bi­tion (G), Har­stad Art Society, Norway
2009 “Hom­mage à Iver Jåks” (G), Fre­drik­stad Art Society; Hamar Art Society; Sel­jord Art Society; Bale­strand; Sta­van­ger Art Society; Oslo Art Society, Norway
”The orange tree” (S), Vest­fold Art Centre, Tøns­berg, Norway
One minute – Inter­na­tio­nal film & video fes­ti­val (G), “A study of per­cep­tion”, Kino Freier Film, Aarau, Switzerland
Paris Photo, Eric Franck Fine Art, Grand Palais, Paris, France
Lon­don Art Fair, Eric Franck Fine Art, Busi­ness Design Centre, Lon­don, UK
“Herre i eget hus?” (G), Gal­leri BOA, Oslo, Norway
NNKS 30 Years Jubi­lee Exhi­bi­tion, Svol­vær, Norway
“The Aff­lu­enza Exhi­bi­tion” (G), Lon­don, UK
2008 ”The orange tree” (S), Alsta­haug Art Society, Sand­ness­jøen, Norway
“Hom­mage à Iver Jåks” (G), Alta Kunst­fo­re­ning; Gren­se­land Museet, Kir­ke­nes; NNKS, Svol­vær, Norway
“Illu­mi­na­tors” (G), “The orange tree”, Kolt­sovo Air­port, Yeka­te­r­in­burg, Russia
Den 62. Nord­norske Kunst­ut­stil­ling (G), Nord­norsken, Norway
„Puber­tet“ (G), Hau­gar Vest­fold Art Museum, Tøns­berg, Norway
2007 One minute – Inter­na­tio­nal film & video fes­ti­val (G), “Desti­n­au­tus”, Kino Freier Film, Aarau, Switzerland
MFA Fine Art Degree Show (G), Golds­miths Col­lege, Lon­don, UK
„Dia­lo­ger“, KB48 Kunst­base Sand­ness­jøen, Pet­ter Dass Dagene, Sand­ness­jøen, Norway
2006 KISS“ (G), Art­Base Hel­ge­land KB48, Sand­ness­jøen, Norway
“Peace Camp” (G), The Brick­lane Gal­lery, Lon­don, UK
“Open Salon 2006” (G), View­fin­der Pho­to­gra­phy Gal­lery, Lon­don, UK
“Høs­tut­stil­lin­gen # 119” (G), Kunst­ner­nes Hus, Oslo, Norway
Sum­mer Exhi­bi­tion (G), Nort­hern Nor­way Art Cen­ter, Svol­vær, Norway
“Por­tret­ter” (G), Alsta­haug Art Society, Sand­ness­jøen, Norway
2005 “Land­scapes” (S), Alsta­haug Art Society, Sand­ness­jøen, Norway
“Com­mu­ni­ca­tion I-II”, two per­for­man­ces in sol­la­bo­ra­tion with Camilla Storm, Oslo, Alsta­haug Art Society, Sand­ness­jøen, Norway
2004 “Cross­breed” (G), MA Image & Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Degree show, Menier Gal­lery, Lon­don, UK
“Kvin­ner Vil Kvin­ner Kan” (G), Alstahaug-, Mosjoen-, Rana Kunst­fo­re­ning, Norway
2003 “San­se­nes Hus” (S), Alsta­haug Kunst­fo­re­ning, Sand­ness­jøen, Norway
“Mas­cu­line and Femi­nine Land­scapes in Dia­lo­gue” (G), Oxo Gal­lery, Lon­don, UK
2010 Illus­tra­ti­ons and Cover for Jackie Kay: Adops­jons­pa­pi­rene, trans­la­ted by Hanne Bram­ness, Nords­jø­for­la­get, Sunde, Norway
A Calen­der in Colour (2011), with lyrics by Hanne Bramness
Com­mis­si­ons (Per­ma­nent Installations)
2011 BP Norge AS, SKARV FPSO
Sand­ness­jøen Gym­na­sium, Norway
2006 Hau­ga­land DPS, Rog­a­land Art Centre, Norway
Com­mis­si­ons (Projects)
2011 “Mind The Map! – Barents Spek­ta­kel 2011” (G), “N E W S”, NNKS, Kir­ke­nes, Norway
FALLING FOR RELIGION” (S), Gal­leri Backer, Høgs­ko­len i Vest­fold, Norway
2010 Nord­lands­ka­len­de­ren 2011 (S), Nord­lands­ban­ken ASA, Norway
“Fir­mus Female” (S), Pet­ter Dass Museum, Sand­ness­jøen, Norwegen
2009 Bera­tende Inge­nieure für das Bau­we­sen (S), Ber­lin, Germany
2008 “Mart­nan­spri­sen” (S) Bjørns­mart­nan, Norway
2006 “Mat­kul­tur­pri­sen” (S), Hel­ge­land Spa­re­bank, Sand­ness­jøen, Norway
2003 “San­se­nes Hus” (S), Alsta­haug Art Society, Sand­ness­jøen, Norway
Purchased by / Collections
2014 Eric and Louise Franck Collec­tion, London
Ingo Seu­fert – Gal­lery for Con­tem­porary Pho­to­gra­phy, Munich
2007 Alsta­haug Kom­mune, Sand­ness­jøen, Norway
2003 Hel­ge­land Kraft AS, Mos­jøen, Norway
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2004 Ina Otzko: “Men­nes­ker og Lands­kap”, self-publishing Sand­ness­jøen 2004
Other Activi­ties
Co-Founder of Art­Base Hel­ge­land 66°N, Norway
Co-Founder of AIR Helgeland-Berlin
Free­lance Art Con­sul­tant / Mem­ber of KORO Public Art Nor­way art-consultant regis­ter / C-nr. 206220
Instruc­tor for various DKS pro­jects / Cul­tu­ral Backpack-Art pro­jects for schools 1–10 grade in Nort­hern Norway
Yoga Instruc­tor / Reiki Mas­ter Prac­ti­tio­ner & Teacher


Ina Otzko

Ina Otzko

I use my body as my main tool to explore vul­nera­bi­lity, strength and disci­pline and how repe­ti­tive acts attune us to the given, cho­sen or forced situa­tion. Add in my inte­rest in how sound and vibra­tion affects the body and mind and the aes­the­ti­cal con­cept of energy exch­ange, and how it con­nects and affects life and its evo­lu­tion, I express mys­elf through the various medi­ums of pho­to­gra­phy, video, sound, instal­la­tion, light, per­for­mance, text and sculp­ture. Par­ti­cu­larly rele­vant, is the dif­fi­culty of pro­jec­ting the phy­si­cal, men­tal and spi­ri­tual per­cep­tion of space & time, rea­ding the body as a con­tai­ner and a tem­porary site-specific sculp­ture, which is also in con­stant flux. Pat­terns wit­hin human beha­vior, cause and effects, iden­tity and memory are issues rela­ted to the hier­ar­chi­cal orga­ni­zed society and I study these from dif­fe­rent points of view to explore the hid­den sub­conscious mat­ter invol­ved, explo­ring new ways of per­cei­ving and com­pre­hen­ding life aiming ulti­mately to make the invi­si­ble visible.”