“Lost Pla­ces – The Gran­deur of Decay” is an invi­ta­tion by photo artist Peter Unt­zer­mai­er­ho­fer to the viewer to explore the past sple­ndor of aban­do­ned cast­les and vil­las, magni­fi­cent thea­ters, anci­ent ther­mal baths, mys­te­rious sana­to­ri­ums and hid­den libra­ries that are doo­med to col­lapse. The for­mer beauty of these archi­tec­tu­ral crea­ti­ons is revea­led in artistic details and fili­gree deco­ra­ti­ons, having retai­ned their grace even in their ruined state. Each of these deco­ra­tive ele­ments bears wit­ness to an era in which con­struc­tion and crafts­manship reached their peak.
In the midst of silence and decay, Unter­mai­er­ho­fer explo­res the uni­ver­sal ques­tion of human tran­si­ence: What remains of us when time has pas­sed us by? In view of the eerily beau­ti­ful sce­nes pre­ser­ved by the artist in the pic­ture, it beco­mes clear that it‘s pre­ci­sely these cra­cked old walls that bring the memo­ries of a per­son or family back to life and con­front us with our own fini­ten­ess.
Untermaierhofer’s pho­to­gra­phic works evoke that indif­fe­rent atmo­s­phere in which the boun­dary line bet­ween past and pre­sent blurs, in which past epochs wait to be redis­co­vered in order to reveal the fading tra­ces of time. The viewer embarks on a jour­ney through the past, where every ruin tells of its sad fate, every archi­tec­tu­ral detail reve­als its own world and hid­den tre­a­su­res inside aban­do­ned cast­les wait like time cap­su­les to be redis­co­vered. Behind each of the sce­nes there‘s a secret, an echo of days gone by that igni­tes the ima­gi­na­tion and takes you into a lost world.

Cur­ri­cu­lum Vitae
1983 born in Eggen­fel­den, Rot­tal Inn district, Bavaria
2006–2012 Degree in media tech­no­logy, spe­cia­li­zing in media design, at Deg­gen­dorf Uni­ver­sity; diploma
2010 Semes­ter abroad in Pho­to­gra­phy stu­dies, James Cook Uni­ver­sity, Towns­ville, Australia
2013– free­lance photographer
Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer lives and works in Burg­hau­sen, Bavaria
Exhi­bi­ti­ons and lec­tures (S = solo show, G = group exhibition)
2024 Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer: Lost Pla­ces – The Gran­deur of Decay (S), Ingo Seu­fert – Gal­lery for Con­tem­porary Pho­to­gra­phy, Munich
2023 Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part II (S), Archaeo­lo­gi­cal Museum, Kelheim
Lost Pla­ces – The Cher­no­byl Pic­tures (S), Pho­tos from the exclu­sion zone in Cher­no­byl, „Kunst im Grün­der­zen­trum“, Straubing
„foto­gra­fie | aktu­elle posi­tio­nen“ (G), Gal­lery in the old town­hall, Prien am Chiemsee
2022 „Aus­lese 2022. Künst­ler der Gale­rie“ (G), Gale­rie Carola Insin­ger, Pielenhofen
Lost Pla­ces – Par­al­lel­wel­ten (S), Gale­rie Carola Insin­ger, Pielenhofen
2021 Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part I (S), AWO Kul­tur­haus Babels­berg, Potsdam
Lost Pla­ces – The Cher­no­byl Pic­tures (S). Pho­tos from the exclu­sion zone in Cher­no­byl, town hall, Tauf­kir­chen an der Vils
2020 When Time Stood Still (S), Ingo Seu­fert – Gal­lery for Con­tem­porary Pho­to­gra­phy, Munich
Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part I (S), Stadt­kunst Regens­burg, Regensburg
Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part I (S), SOEHT 7, for­mer women’s pri­son, Berlin-Lichterfelde
2019 Lost Pla­ces – The Cher­no­byl Pic­tures (S). Pho­tos from the exclu­sion zone in Cher­no­byl, Thea­ter­fo­rum Gau­ting e.V., c/o bosco, Bür­ger– und Kul­tur­haus Gauting
S-T-A-L-K-E-R. A photo adven­ture trip to the „Cher­no­byl exclu­sion zone“ , lec­ture, Thea­ter­fo­rum Gau­ting e.V., c/o bosco Bür­ger– und Kul­tur­haus, Gauting
pho­to­MÜN­CHEN 19 (G), München
Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part I & Part II (S), House of Pho­to­gra­phy, Dr. Robert-Gerlich-Museum, Burghausen
Lost Pla­ces (S), big exhi­bi­tion and as a pre­miere: Cher­no­byl, city gal­lery in the city museum Deggendorf
2018 Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Spe­cial Edi­tion Vol. 1 (S), Le Meri­dien Design Hotel, Munich
S-T-A-L-K-E-R. A photo adven­ture trip to the „Cher­no­byl exclu­sion zone“, lec­ture, Archaeo­lo­gi­cal Museum Kelheim
Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part I (S),
Archaeo­lo­gi­cal Museum Kelheim
That One Moment, Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part II (G), IG Halle, Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil
Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part II (S), Le MERIDIEN Design Hotel, Hamburg
Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part II (S), Kunst– & Geschichts­ver­ein Vils­hofen, Gal­lery in the Tower, Vilshofen
URBEX. Erfor­schung von Stadt und Raum (G), Kunst­ver­ein Pas­sau, St Anna Cha­pel, Passau
2017 Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part II (S), AWO Kul­tur­haus Babels­berg, Potsdam
One Night Club Spe­cial: Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part I (selec­tion) (S), Chaos Club – Artifi&Culture, Café Libella, Alten­markt an der Alz
Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part II (selec­tion) (S), sengpiehl│zepfel Gale­rie, Schönberg-Holm
Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part II (selec­tion) (S), Kunst– und Muse­ums­nacht Pfarr­kir­chen, Jugend­zen­trum (JUZ), Pfarrkirchen
Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part I & Part II (pre­miere) (S), Weis­ba­cher Haus, Eggenfelden
2016 Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part I (S), Gal­lery in the Castle Park, Tettnang
Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part I (S), Torf­bahn­hof, Baye­ri­sches Moor– und Torf­mu­seum, Rottau
Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part I (S), Ingo Seu­fert – Gal­lery for Con­tem­porary Pho­to­gra­phy, Munich
urb­EXPO Retro­spek­tiva (G) bei Photo+Adventure EXPO, Land­schafts­park Duis­burg Nord, Duisburg
The­ma­tic exhi­bi­tion 2016 // Pro­vo­ka­teure (G), stør­punkt Gal­lery for Con­tem­porary Art, Munich
Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part I (S), town hall, Tauf­kir­chen an der Vils
2015 urb­EXPO (G), Schlegel-Haus, Bochum
2014 Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part I (S), MucA­mie Con­cept Store, Munich
Lost Pla­ces – Ver­las­sene Orte, Part I (S), KOKON im Lenbach-Palais, Munich
urb­EXPO (G), Rotunde, Bochum
Stroke Art Fair, spe­cial exhi­bi­tion Pho­to­gra­phy Munich (G), Pra­ter­in­sel, Munich
2013 Book release party “Ver­ges­sene Orte im Ruhr­ge­biet” (S), Pro­vi­so­rium, Munich
Mocambo Swing con­cert, E, Kunst­werk, Passau
urb­EXPO (G), Rotunde, Bochum
Publi­ca­ti­ons by the artist
2016 “Lost Pla­ces. Retro­sepk­tive 2013 bis 2016″, self-published, Burg­hau­sen 2016
“Lost Pla­ces foto­gra­fie­ren”, d.punktverlag GmbH, Hei­del­berg 2016
2013 “Ver­ges­sene Orte im Ruhr­ge­biet”, Mit­tel­deut­scher Ver­lag, Halle (Saale) 2013
2023 Aus­stel­lung “Lost Pla­ces” in Kel­hei­mer Museum, (5/7/2023)
2020 André Win­ter­nitz: Nach­ge­fragt bei: Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer, (1/11/2020)
2019 Tanja Weber: Coole Sicht — Schö­ner Ver­fall, bosco-gauting/nachtkritik/ (11/28/2019)
Baye­ri­scher Rund­funk / Capric­cio: Die Magie des Ver­falls: Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer — Lost Pla­ces, (10/22/2019)
Künst­ler­füh­rung mit Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer, (10/18/2019)
rfo: Lost Pla­ces in Burg­hau­sen, (9/19/2019)
Bayern-Tipp: Ver­ges­sene Orte im Fokus, (9/18/2019)
us: Sai­son­auf­takt. Foto­graf Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer mit “Lost Pla­ces – Cher­no­byl” im Gau­tin­ger Bosco, Würm­tal­bote No. 38 from Nov. 18, 2019, Wü — p. 2
askr: Ver­lo­re­ner Ort, (9/17/2019)
Ines Kohl: Schöne Rui­nen: “Lost Pla­ces” in Deg­gen­dorf . Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer zeigt Foto­gra­fien von ver­las­se­nen Orten, (4/3/2019)
Jose­fine Eich­wald: Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer zeigt “Lost Pla­ces” in Deg­gen­dorf, (3/19/2019)
Tho­mas Jen­ner: Ein Kon­trast zum Auf­ge­räum­ten. Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer prä­sen­tiert mit sei­nen “Lost Places”-Fotografien längst Ver­fal­le­nes, (3/10/2019)
Andrea Voder­mayr: Eröff­nung der Aus­stel­lung “Lost Pla­ces Spe­cial Edi­tion Vol. I” von Foto­graf Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer im Hotel Le Méri­dien Mün­chen am 14. Januar 2019, (1/2019)
2018 Phil­ipp Kienzl: Lost Pla­ces: Der ver­fal­lene Prunk alter Schlös­ser,–11/  (11/16/2018)
Phil­ipp Kienzl: Lost Pla­ces: So char­mant sehen ver­las­sene Fabri­ken aus,–08/ (8/11/2018)
Phil­ipp Kienzl: Lost Pla­ces: Wenn präch­tige Hotels zu Rui­nen ver­fal­len,–08/ (8/4/2018)
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Phil­ipp Kienzl: Lost Pla­ces: Der ver­stummte Applaus von ver­las­se­nen Kino– und Thea­ter­sä­len,–06/ (6/24/2018)
Phil­ipp Kienzl: Lost Pla­ces: Ver­las­sene Psych­ia­trien sind gru­se­li­ger als jede Geis­ter­bahn,–06/ (6/9/2018)
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Lost Churches | Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer, (4/2016)
2015 Ancsy: Ilyen lenne a világ, ha eltűn­né­nek az embe­rek (Képek!), (12/16/2015)
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2014 Awe­some fea­ture by pho­to­gra­pher Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer, (10/30/2014)
Fran­cois W. Nel: “Lost Pla­ces” by Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer, (10/21/2014)
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Fabi­enne Hurst: Anmut der Trüm­mer, (5/19/2014)
Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer, (2014)
Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer, (2014)
2013 Chris­toph Neder: Ver­lo­rene Plätze, in: Süd­deut­sche Zei­tung No. 198 from Aug. 28, 2013, p. 42
Refe­ren­ces — Selection
Adi­das Out­door, Barn­house, Ori­gi­nal Bildermeister

Peter Unter­mai­er­ho­fer


With my pic­tures I would like to show the very spe­cial charm of aban­do­ned pla­ces that can be found in various areas of human civi­liza­tion. Unfor­t­u­na­tely, many people see them as just an eye­sore and soo­ner or later they fall vic­tim to a sup­po­sed “city beau­ti­fi­ca­tion”. My pic­tures docu­ment these objects in their beauty and give a glim­pse of what the world might look like after humans disap­pear.“
(Peter Untermaierhofer)