Exhi­bi­ted Works

vision of a glory death.jpg

sonja her­pich // all­tag auf ewig

As a pho­to­gra­pher for the MUH maga­zine and a cun­ning chro­ni­cler of the Bava­rian life­style, Her­pich is an inte­gral part of Munich’s arts and cul­tu­ral scene. Her pho­to­graphs are now on view in her first a solo exhibition.

30 Octo­ber 2014 – 9 Decem­ber 2014

On 30 Octo­ber begin­ning at 7 p.m. all are invi­ted to the opening recep­tion at the gal­lery. The artist will be present.

The fol­lo­wing works are pre­sen­ted in the show:

sonja her­pich // all­tag auf ewig

The Munich pho­to­gra­pher Sonja Her­pich, who became intro­du­ced to a grea­ter public prac­tically over­night when the Süd­deut­sche Zei­tung repor­ted on her series of self-portraits as an Okto­ber­fest wai­t­ress, sha­res her uni­que view of life in the exhi­bi­tion “all­tag auf ewig” (“From Ever­y­day to Eter­nity”). Pre­sen­ted is a cross-section of pho­to­graphs fea­turing unin­hi­bi­ted images of society, as well as images por­tray­ing the sup­po­sed beauty of ubi­qui­tous situa­ti­ons and objects. In sur­roun­dings that are mostly typi­cal of the Bava­rian coun­try­side, she depicts the ugly, the tri­vial, or the boring as the sub­ject of her pho­to­graphs. She breaks with cli­chés, as well as ste­reo­ty­pi­cal expec­ta­ti­ons, not­ing with sub­tle irony that cul­tu­ral authen­ti­city is sever­ely end­an­ge­red in this set­ting. Herpich’s pre­fe­rence for deconstruc­ting con­ven­tion also signals unusual com­po­si­ti­ons: some of her pho­to­graphs are crea­ted only as light box objects, others attain a whole new level of mea­ning through applied colo­red neon tubes.