INA OTZKO – Longing & Belonging


Solo show of the Nor­we­gian artist with 22 new works and one neon installation.

1 Febru­ary 2014 – 22 Febru­ary 2014

On 1 Febru­ary begin­ning at 7 p.m. all are invi­ted to the opening recep­tion at the gal­lery. The artist will be pre­sent.
Guest per­for­mance: PARKDECK (A. Späth & K. Wenk) – Going to YOU

The show has been exten­ded until 25 March 2014!

Lon­ging & Belonging

Ina Otzko is a Nor­we­gian artist who tra­vels the world to explore the dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween cul­tures, and to observe the mani­fold prac­tices and beliefs of human nature. In her art, she expres­ses both an intui­tive and ratio­nal curio­sity, in which her search for rea­so­ned belief chal­len­ges her inte­grity to feel. The resul­ting ten­si­ons that emerge are exem­pli­fied by her ongo­ing series of pho­to­graphs, INTERIORS.
In her solo exhi­bi­tion at the recently opened Ingo Seu­fert Gal­lery, Munich, Otzko has se-lected three groups of images from these series, taken in India and Italy. Her focus is to expose facets resul­ting from the con­flic­tual urges of Belon­ging and Lon­ging that are wit­hin each of us. This struggle is an ine­vi­ta­ble jolt of life, since the human soul seems to require a com­fort of Belon­ging, which runs con­trary to its Lon­ging to sur­pass its­elf, to go beyond its exis­ting expe­ri­en­ces.“ (Text: Geor­gina Tur­ner, 1/10/2014)

Bio­gra­phy of Ina Otzko